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Generating a 3D Texture from multiple Pixel Shaders or Compute Shader

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I have a program that basically takes an input frame (2D texture) and some a 3d texture and generate a new frame for output. Each output pixel is calculated based on the corresponding input frame pixel and the 3d texture.


The above task can easily done with a pixel shader that has the input texture coordinates corresponding to the input frame.


But I have another task to calculate the 3d texture based on another 3d texture (of same dimension). Can I fit this into a pixel shader too? Note that this is a 3D texture and the input tex coordinate in the frame input is a 2D input, but here I need the input tex coordinates to be 3D, and of course the dimension is different from the frame size.


Do I need a different vertex shader for this then? Or would some other shader like compute shader do the job? I tried to find some compute shader samples but it seems they are dealing with raw input buffers instead of textures. I don't even know how to input a texture to the compute shader.



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