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How do I translate the pivot point of a character object?

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If I need to animate the object using an IK system,
the target animation is crouching,
since It won't help just by rotating the pelvis downwards, because it just rotates the pelvis
around the pivot point at the center of the body.

I just want to know is it possible to translate/lower the pelvis/pivot point of the body

If I translate the whole object as a whole, the IK still tends to favour the bending of the pelvis
and spine area, but I restrict the bending of those areas which is not safe.

So I'd rather bend the knees (thigh area) instead, I need to force the bending of the thigh area therefore.

How can I make this happen?

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The pivot point of a mesh is simply the coord origin where the graphics designer intendet to put the vertices arround so it depends on the model itself. To change the pivot you need to translate every vertex by a given offset. For example the pivot is in the center of your character then the bottom half has negative Y-Axis value

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Thanks for your response,

So it is the graphic part of the story.

But I model the character object with 3ds max,

the biped's pivot by default is at the center.

I had no way to change it.

Like I select affect by pivot only.

And I pull down the pivot, after it is done,

the pivot bounce back to the center.


Anyways, The ultimate solution may be to limit the joint angles,

and lower the pivot to the ground, the points at the foot hinge must be fixed on the ground.

I can't post pictures up to this forum right now, don't know what's wrong.

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Yeah I think Max calculates the that by itself depending on your vertices. Unity 3D for example offers a small script for the editor to adjust the pivot after the model has been imported

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