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Unreal Engine 4

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Hi Guys,


I've been learning UE4 for about 2 months.  I've manage to learn the basics.  I can create a levels quite easily. 


But the difficulties I'm stuck with are Blueprints. 


I recently done a UE4 taster course in Manchester. 


This is what I'm familiar with regarding UE4


Familiar with the UE4 HUDs

Level design



I've watched loads of tutorials regarding blueprints, but the videos seems to be targeted @ people who at least know the basics.


I can do some material blueprints. but only basic like Texture - Lerp - Multiply

I can use the landscape tools

Lighting tools


I can import meshes, textures and create levels, but making the level interact with blueprints is where I fall down.


I know a few things with construction script.


My Lecturer has advised, In order to get familiar with blueprints has led me here.


I have a game design in mind.


Can anyone give me some pointers.




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Blueprints are visual scripting used for a variety of things in UE, including materials and gameplay logic. 


What specifically gives you trouble? What specific thing are you trying to accomplish in Blueprint that you are having trouble with?


It's hard to give you broad overview that's better than the documentation, and since there are a few different ways in which Blueprints are employed in Unreal, you may find you get better answers if you can provide an example of what you are struggling with.

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but making the level interact with blueprints is where I fall down.


I am not sure what you mean, could you please expand? 

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To make the level's objects interact with blueprints you must hook the correct events to them. Look at the events offered on each different entity (Actor) in the level and hook your blueprint to them, For example if you wanted blueprint to trigger when the object collides with another object you'd use the Actor Overlap events. As others have said though without more specific information, it's hard to offer more in-depth help...

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Thanks for all reply


OK where do I start.


I've created a layout to test.


Now what I need help with is where you want the PC (player character) to move around to interact with actor in the level.  This could be a door, window or even turn off a light.  This is where I need help.  I've seen lots of tutorial on this. But I need to learn more about how each actor interacts with each other.  



Questions am thinking about are!


If I wanted the PC to open the door using blueprints where would I start.


Example of this would be a boolean variable (true/false) how would I start the blueprints.


So if the PC or actor is near a trigger box this can do x that would then interact with y. 



Hope this gives you an idea, what I'm trying to achieve.

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Blueprint Doorway



I worked these tutorials when UE4 was first released.  They might be a little outdated but should still work without much hassle.

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Hi all!


I know what you mean bro. I have the same questions. I'm a OO programmer but it's hard to know where to start like which are the main functions and properties of base classes, etc. It's not about learning the language, to understand how the classes are related and how to use them to do what you want with your Actors and stuff. Normally the tutorials go straight to their goal, like "use the function --whatever--" showing you only a small part of the possibilities of a class.


So I found this page with a lot of tutorials that explain some of the stuff you already know and also some others more focused on your main questions. 



The one I think that answers the blueprints questions is this:



It shows the essentials of the classes and the mechanism for blueprints to accomplish tasks. For me it has been the best starting point possible. Now a lot of the tutorials I saw before make sense and I can see beyond the scope of those tutorials. 


The UE4 official tutorials are awesome. They show you what you can do once you've mastered the basics in the link above (like if you're capable of built the blueprints for opening doors or character movement). 


Let me know if you find something better out there!

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