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How to instantiate a 'new' STL vector?

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Hi guys,
How do you instantiate a 'new' for STL vectors?
I have a vector of int's but if I try to exceed 1330 instances the application throws memory exceptions. So I want to pre-allocate the space with 'new'.
int frames = 1330; // 1330 max without 'new'
std::vector<int>* anim = new std::vector<int> anim(frames);
This doesn't compile, but hopefully gives an indication of what I want to do.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance :)

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You should never really need new/delete. As mentioned above, you can use a vector< vector<int> > if you want a 2D array. Any statement where new and vector are combined is an oxymoron.

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