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[D3D12] Depth Buffer problem (maybe)

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Hi, community.


I have a bug with Screen Space Ambient Occlusion and I suspect is the depth buffer information I use.


Depth Stencil View Format is DXGI_FORMAT_D24_UNORM_S8_UINT

Depth Stencil Shader Resource View Format is DXGI_FORMAT_R24_UNORM_X8_TYPELESS

Then its values should be between [0, 1]


I made a test to check if depth buffer is sampled correctly. This is the pixel shader (geometry is a full-screen quad). I disabled depth test.

struct Input {
	float4 mPosH : SV_POSITION;

Texture2D<float> DepthTexture : register(t0);

struct Output {
	float4 mColor : SV_Target0;

Output main(const in Input input){
	Output output = (Output)0;

	const int3 screenCoord = int3(input.mPosH.xy, 0);
	const float depthNDC = DepthTexture.Load(screenCoord);
	output.mColor = float4(depthNDC, depthNDC, depthNDC, 1.0f);
	return output;

Near Z is 1.0f

Far Z is 2000.0f

so I expect to get total white (1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f) when the object is at 2000.0f Z and total black (0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f) when object is at 1.0f Z


I recorded the following video, and if I modify Far Z to something like 500.0f or 5000.0f, I get the same black-white gradient results than the video.

That is why I think something is wrong.



Thoughts? Am I missing something?

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Depth contains 1/Z? In the case of a far plane Z of 5000, you will have a value near 0 (black color) and in the case of near plane Z of 1, you will have a value of 1 (white color). I think that is not correct, because when you clear depth buffer, you should use 1.0f.

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Yeah my statement was a little fast, i was just saying we do not store linear depth in a dept buffer. We store z/w to be precise, if you look at the projection matrix, you will find that w ends to be a z, while z is a mixture of scale and bias of z against near and far.

For the we clear at 1.f, it is because of the projection and a dept test set as less or equal.

It is possible to clear at 0.f, using a test set as greater while using afloating point depth buffer.

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Thanks for your suggestions, both links were useful. Finally, I understood why I see that color (due depth curve shape). Then the bug is not in the depth information. I will continue debugging.


Thanks !

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FYI a common trick used to visualize depth buffers is to just look at the last 10% of the depth range. Like this: 


float visualizedDepth = saturate((depthBufferVal - 0.9f) * 10.0f);
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