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Unity Programmer Looking For a Big Project

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My name is Giorgos Tsakonas and I am an amateur programmer and game developer from Greece. I am looking for a new interesting Game Project to join. I prefer long-term projects. Here is a list of my skills:

  • C# Unity Development (2 Years)
  • Unity Networking Experience (PUN) (Half Year)
  • Web Development (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP etc) (3 Years)
  • Database Administration (SQL) (3 Years)
  • Server Administration (3 Years)
  • Experience in Git/Slack/Trello (1 and a half Years)

I am interested in both paid and rev-share positions. My portfolio is at this website, but it doesnt reflect my full capabilities:

You can contact me by senting me an email at or by skyping me at gbgr1231.

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I could use a few contributors, whether coder or artist to help me to to launch of my Space/Sci-Fi RTS game Interstellar: The Endless War.   (check out points 5 & 6 below if you are interested)


Things that are needed:

1) 3d modeling and optimzing of texture 

2) Multiplayer infrastructure (I'm focusing on Single player to get to alpha launch).

3) UI art assets (portraits, model pics, tech pics, various iconography)

4) Complete overhaul of the UI

5) Voice SFx queues and storytelling

6) Overhaul of all sound SFx currently in the game and a better unified approach to sound/voice/music assets

7) Website design and social media campaign person (I want to get this on kickstarter after being greenlit)


Let me know if you are interested!



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