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[WIP] BYTE (cyberpunk stealth-puzzle)

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Hack the system. For money, ideas, of just for lulz - it's up to you.


BYTE is a top-down cyberpunk stealth-puzzle game about hackers, networks, and cyber-worms for PC, macOS and Linux, being made on Construct 2 by Dividebyzer0 - tiny team of lunatics who seeks for self expression.


Player (as a too curious script kid) controls a sneaky cyber-worm and performs malicious deeds in the web. The nonlinear narrative takes place in the not distant, internet-dependent future, so the career opportunities are brighter than ever.


Core gameplay may kinda remind of “Snake” from your old Nokia phone: every time you steal data, your cyber-worm is getting longer, which makes it harder to control and evade anti-viruses.








Current state (v0.5.7)

Right now the game is in the alpha state. We’ve prepared a little demo for you to try out what we are making and to hear your opinions! Demo showing off the game core mechanics, art/sound style, as well as the bit of a story, which takes part in full version of the game’s plot.

You can grab the demo from the following resources:


Desperately waiting for your feedback, guys default_smile.png

Have a happy hacking!


Stay tuned with us via:

RSS feed and mail subscription on the studio’s website:
Facebook page:
Twitter page:
Private questions? Shoot’em at

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The visuals are really awesome! The occasional ripple effects are a great touch :) .
Haven't tried the demo yet but on my "must check" list.


Thank you!

There are still plenty of things we want to do with visuals, especially with UI - to create that feeling, like you are really sitting in front of cutting-edge cyberdeck, lock'n'loaded with hacking tools. I hope, you will like the result! ;)

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