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Hey all, ive been creating a server - client communication (they are just CMDs)

Ive already implented in:

Client: Chat with other clients,

No empty messages are sent,

Clients log in the server with no authorication (no password and username needed)


Server: Sends a file to the client when connects,

server is connected with a mysql database


How should i continue the project?

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If you're trying to do this as a business, refer to what Khatharr said.


If you're doing this for fun, the next thing I would work on is trying to get some synchronized real-time gameplay going on, such as player positions. While a proper MMO will require thousands of man-months from experts and millions/billions of dollars, you can probably get the basics of networking working just on your own. Make a client simulator and see how it handles hundreds or thousands of players. Proceed from there.

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I give all the people over me right for the whole MMORPG but an MMORPG is more than code, it is primarily Game Design, Story Design and Graphics-/Level Design. Yeah sure, thousands of people were working on an MMORPG but only a few work on the Backend where most work on the Frontend (even programmers writing gameplay features) so I hate such people telling that one could not do that without telling him why that person cant do that!


The basic system of an MMORPG is as simple as each other online game. Client asks server for authenticate where a server also could act as routing server when you have a server cluster for finding a gameplay server in your environment with an empty slot. Client then occupies that slot and connects to gameplay server. Dont think on sending files yet (I think you are going on updates right?) because sending files is not the task of an MMO server rather than the launcher.


Then think of who is responsible for how the gameplay works. There are several scenarios how this could happen:

  • Client handles gameplay and asks server to verify, server spreads state hanges to each client
  • Client sends intended state changes to server, server handles gameplay and sends current states to client
  • Client handles gameplay and sends state changes to server, server dosent care and spreads only to client

Where I have had last case several times in online games such as Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale where each player has had its own shop inventory, ingame sequences and host could cheat players alive

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