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Guards of Rhyn - 2D Browser MMORPG (Fantasy, Free2Play, PVP, PVE)

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Title: Guards of Rhyn

Genre: MMORPG, Fantasy

Target platform: Browser (HTML5 + JavaScript client with render on Phaser.js engine)

Server: Node.JS + MySQL database


Game Description:

Guards of Rhyn - is a comeback of in-browser gaming that offers client-end platform variety, allowing to access gaming features at any place at any time - workplace, home, hotel computer, portable devices - smartphones, tablets, and laptops. How this game differs from a thousand others is unique fighting mechanics; a dynamic game world which primarily relies on interactions among players - trading, fighting, completing missions together - defeating a strong boss-NPC - as well as separately accomplishing independent missions advancing the storyline further; PVP and PVE elements that seamlessly spline into each other throughout player's journey.



I am an Aerospace Engineering student with a part-time job, who has some background of development on C++, PHP, JavaScript, and associated dependencies. In my free time (of which I don't have a lot), I work on this project purely for enjoyment and a big interest in MMO-genre games. So far, I have the following:


* Socket (Event-oriented) Client on Phaser.JS which currently allows character creation, switching game locations, real-time chat, and, obviously, server communication;

* Asynchronous socket server on Node.JS, database queries, human-error checking.


The prototype can be found here: https://guardsofrhyn.herokuapp.com/


Login:         Test1                     or              kentik

Password:  test1                                      kentik12


Note: If you decide to log in, you will not go through character creating screen as I need to manually clear the values out in the database every time.


Old screenshot



Current screenshots:







There are two "Paths" in the game: Warrior and Wizard. Warriors may later become Archers (long-range unit), Knights (tank unit), or Berserks (high damage unit).

Wizards, on the other hand, may choose to become Healers (high hp unit), Necromancers (high abilities unit), or Battle Mages (high damage unit).


Now a little bit about the "unique fighting mechanics":

This is something close to what I'm looking at: 


The fight is turn based and allows up to 10 people/npc's in one fight. Every player chooses to apply positive and negative effects/spells on friends and enemies that they've learned before their time runs out, then pick a spell/hit to damage the opponent and so does the opponent team. Some details:


* NPC like pets or creatures can be summoned into fight for assistence;

* Summoned NPC's take all the damage that comes on the summoner before they die;

* Potions/scrolls/healing/poisoning spells and effects can be used during the fight;

* Depending on type of the fight, other players may join if asked for help in chat;

* Players in the vanguard position who possess only melee skills may only attack players in the vanguard;


This type of fight mechanics is unique because it's not "auto-fight" as in most other games. This allows strategizing. It doesn't mean that the person with a higher level will win the fight. If a player has creatures to summon, potions/scrolls for healing/damaging/stunning/etc, he is more likely to win the match.  One combination of players roles/paths in a fight will dominate another combination.


There are many more elements to come up with or include - like players professions (fisherman, blacksmith, etc). 


If anyone is interested or if you have any questions - ask away. Leave a post or send me a PM!

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Began working on the fight mechanics, which currently really lacks some design and animation (except for tween stuff I can do myself procedurally hahah):





YouTube Video (a bit outdated now, since I've changed the spell menu, eventually will be circular and fit 8 spells):


I would really appreciate some input from a JavaScript Programmer and a Designer!

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Another update! This one was more code savvy rather than graphical or visible functionality, even though there is some.


So what has been implemented:


1. Real-Time State Machine - Switching combat states from Start (setup) to Player Turn, Enemy Turn, Calculations, Animations, Win, Loss, and their appropriate logical "loopage".


2. Real-Time Combat Timer - Countdowns 30 seconds for each player/enemy to pick positive/negative spells, attack options, use of in-combat items (potions, scrolls, backpack, and so forth). In each logical step in the state machine, the timer will reset and adjust for the entity turn. If 30 seconds elapse and an attack option isn't chosen, then that player skips their turn.


3. Improved Game Behavior - Game states are being manipulated not only by the state machine but also through the engine itself fully utilizing built-in engine functions as preload, create, and update as opposed to using any traditional loops, counters, streams, etc.


In the video below, there is yet no delay between player hit and enemy hit, so it all happens at the same time for now. There is more stuff I need to figure out before I can fully separate player from enemy (the rat):




P.S.: I am still looking for a JavaScript programmer and a designer! I have a website launched with a paid domain. There are also some CMS's already running on hidden paths, so the fun is slowly starting :)

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