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my first program - concatenating in python

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I wrote my first program in Python... and it works! after a few bug fixes it's actually quite small and some would think insignificant.

But I'm getting used to the syntax and form of the language.


print ("hello")

print ("\nwhat are your 2 favourite foods of all time?")
food1 = input ("\n\t1.")
food2 = input ("\n\t2.")
print ("I have made ",food2+food1," for you!")
input ("press a key to exit and enjoy your meal :)")

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Good Job! Have you considered starting a Development Journal?


Marcus Hansen

I have actually I use a section of my blog to write about my development as a programmer.


it says I've already written 3 programs - that's because this is the 2nd time I've attempted learning python and the first time I only got as far as writing 3 programs. I'm going to stick with it and see it through this time, though.


Just realised that you probably meant a developer journal here on - interesting idea. I'll have to think about it.




 letting a guy with a name to put some more food on a table, and then that guy can choose one of them to eat first? 

Thanks I'll try that as well.

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Congratulations on your first program :)


This forum isn't really meant for this -- it's for asking (technical) questions.

I would echo markypooch's suggestion about starting a GameDev Journal.


You can create & manager your own journal here:

... and you can view other journals here:


Good luck =)

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