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2D Sprite Artist needed for new game

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Hey guys, I'm currently making a new Unity game. And I want this one to have the solid graphics and presentation it needs to succeed.

Unfortunately, I'm way more of a programmer than I am a graphic artist. So I'm in desperate need of helping making graphics for this game.

Lemme Give a description for the game:


Without giving away too much. The game is gonna be a 2D Platformer in the style of the 2D Metroid games. I'll need help
with just about everything graphical in it, the characters, the ground, the background, the enemies, you name it.


Send me a message with Links to your previous work so I can see what kinda previous experience you have. I'll give more
information on the project if I like what I see.


I plan to give full credit to the graphic artist in my game. I can't do much for the way of payment at the moment, but if this
game gets popular enough that I start to see revenue from it, I'll definitely by giving the artist a share of the profits.


Please feel free to drop me a message and ask about my next game. I hope to work with you all soon!


Contact me at:

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Until you get just the artist you want, I'd suggest prototyping with some of the platformer tiles at There are a ton of great, creative-commons 2d kits there in a lot of different styles.

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