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Selling some of the techs I've created for ridiculously low amount of money

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Before I start: sorry to the mods for posting in the wrong forums before...


OK, so: 


Some of the projects I have completed/working on:


1. Gesture recognition + face recognition, using nothing but webcam. It can be used to control most pc games (better than m$ kinect which only controls few games). Here's screenshot of the soft....have it handy, just sent it to someone asking, over email: http://i.imgur.com/RukBvm2.jpg

Pre-Alpha though, it needs work, but the technology works. Good dev. can take it, spice it up and make $$$$$$ from this.


2. Software that writes books like a human. I've sold thousands of books on Amazon thanks to it


3. Revolutionary AR/cam search engine - still early concept but: AI looks for interesting things happening on a webcam 24/7 - if something interesting happens (crash, "ghost" etc.) the AI records it and/or if user searches for them: they appear with AR info next to them.


Selling some of those techs for $300 only. Millions of $$$$ potential. I mean the source of course, not just the .exe or so... - all windows btw.



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