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Artist Seeking Unity / Unreal Developers {Revenue Share}

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I'm new to the forum, and looking for programmers to join my gaming project that is currently in production. You would be joining a team with myself (artist) and two other developers to build a mobile app game with a devoted fanbase.

We aren't opposed to working with Unity if it will make for an easier production process - currently we are developing the game with Unreal Engine because one of our programmers works best in it.

For this project we would be looking for someone who can help us build the various minigames that populate our game. Because the minigames are self-serving; there is a lot of leeway and creative freedom with what kind of minigames we need, as long as they fit in with the game's overall theme.

Currently the only thing we can offer is an equity stake / profit sharing - but we have high hopes for the game and the ability to be profitable. It's a unique idea that hasn't been done before, but has a solid demographic from our surveys.

If you are interested, Great! Please feel free to reply back, or send me a Direct Message. If you have questions, please post them here and I would be happy to explain what I can about the project. 


Thank you!

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