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Mac hangs

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Hi All


I've a nasty bug: after 2-10 frames rendered my Mac hangs. It I do nothing it enters in "sleep mode" (as it should) and then I can "awake" it by pressing Esc. But nothing more: any keys presses  and mouse clicks has zero effect. The bug doesn't appear if I load Mac in "Safe mode". There is no crash, no any errors, system logs has only this


12/17/16 8:35:05.000 AM kernel: ** Device in slot: SLOT-1 **
12/17/16 8:35:05.000 AM kernel: ** GPU Debug Info Start **
12/17/16 8:35:05.000 AM kernel: 0x00009588
12/17/16 8:35:05.000 AM kernel: 0x000000d8
12/17/16 8:35:05.000 AM kernel: 0x00000001
12/17/16 8:35:05.000 AM kernel: 0x00000018
12/17/16 9:16:25.000 AM kernel: 0x00000000
12/17/16 9:16:25.000 AM kernel: 0x00000002
12/17/16 9:16:25.000 AM kernel: 0x00003808
12/17/16 9:16:25.000 PM kernel: ** GPU Debug Info End **

12/17/16 9:16:58.000 AM bootlog: BOOT_TIME 1481959018 0  // next boot

If I try to change my C++ or GLSL code, or change the scene - the hang disappears. Any idea how to get more info about what's wrong?


Thank you

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You've almost certainly exposed a bug, in which case your primary option is to pare down your program to the most minimal sample which exposes the problem, and file a radar with Apple.


As far as working around it, you're most likely going to have to cut pieces out of your program one-by-one until the crash stops occurring, and call it a day.

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Most definitely agree with swift coder here. It's likely a bug that Apple will need to fix.

In the mean time, can you tell us the specs of your Mac? I am also running a Mac and have had different issues GPU related on one GPU from another. Are you using NVIDIA as your GPU? If so, try using NV's webdriver for your specific OS version. Maybe it's an issue that does not exist on Apple's default driver.

Lastly if you need someone else to do so, I can test a build on my Mac and see if I get the same error. If you cannot or prefer not to share that's ok.


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