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instancing with geometry shader

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I reformulates a question.
hello , i have a lot of 2d shapes of 4 point , are always parallelograms
With the extrusion they have 8 points and my idea is to do the extrusion on the cpu, save all vertexes of extrusion in a texture and do a instancing drawing and in in the geometry shader I wish take the points from the texture so i can do a batch draw of many many 1 point and in the geometry shader read the points from the texture and emit the vertexes.
I try to do this because any my geometry  is similar and i have a lot of meshes.
Another approach is do an instance with a scale matrix (that is a 3d vector) then do only  a transformation on all points but i can't create a scale matrix from a base rectangle and a parallelogram that aren't similar but for rectangular shapes of different sides I think that this can be done.
Naturally i have a texture with the scale matrix or correct extruded vertexes and an instance id for take the vertex or the matrix from the texture with a sampler.

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