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[Offering service] Unity3D's AssetStore curator

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Packagin correctly art assets for the Unity Asset Store can be a great task. Programmers and Game designers expect stuff to be packaged in a certain way, and often you find assets on the Unity Asset Store that have great art inside, but have some usability problems because one of the following reasons:


  • Who made the package is not a programmer.
  • Who made the package do not use Unity very often.

These usability problems leads to bad reviews on the first days the asset is uploaded, even when the art inside can be fixed with small effort, usually users expect maximum usability for something they paid for, and this kills your downloads in the beginning.


While I'm not an artist, and as such I cannot change your art (and even if I was, I think we should respect everyone's else art style). I can fix a tons of little problems that arises when importing assets into unity, some option here and there, organize assets to be programmer friendly, a simple script to show how that asset can be really used for great value into your game.

?Also I will meticulously check each asset in your package to see if there are problems with it:

  • ?polycount problems
  • size problems
  • tileability/seams problems
  • animations problems
  • atlases
  • compatibility problems
  • missing stuff
  • unreferenced stuff
  • performance problems
  • mobile optimization
  • naming conventions problems
  • I can help to support multiple Unity3D versions seamlessy

While I can fix lot of problems and makes everything fit togheter much better, there's stuff that I cannot fix: I cannot remodel your 3D model/ repaint your textures / resample your sounds. In the end you are the artist.


About me:? I've been using Unity3D for over 4 years, and I've been working (on a contract basis) as freelance for over a year. In one of my last jobs I just spent 2 months fixing problems with assets that my boss bought on the asset store. Note that those assets were already top rated, so users was happy with them, nonethless I found and fixed several problems saving some performance and fixing few graphics glitches for the game I was working on at the moment. It was also a fun task because that gave me a break from heavy programming related stuff. In most games I Always have to fix some asset first or later and I'm becoming more and more proficient with that task.


Now I'm offering this service for a cheap price, if you really want to invest into your assets I can save you a lot of time and troubles: I will also help to start on the right foot.



Twitter: https://twitter.com/oliveridario89 ( I will send my email on a private message channel to avoid spam).

PM me in this forum


Note that: ?I usually reply within 1 day during the week, I'm not available during weekend (usually because of resting, but sometimes I also do overtime job on weekend).

I do not accept the package itself as payment or discount, afterall I need to make a living out of that. If I need some assets I will buy what I need from the AssetStore (or hire a artist ^^).

?Conflict of interests disclosure: I'm also an assets developer, but I'm a programmer, so the assets I release are coding related stuff. Also I will not review your packages for money (that's against Asset store rules). Of course there's no rule preventing me to tweet about your arts ^^. And I will be happy to tweet about your art (if you like I do so).


?About the banner I attached: ?It is a screenshot of one of the games I worked on, all the art inside the game was bought on the AssetStore.

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