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Simple Sports Management Game

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Hey all, I've come up with a fun and rather simple sports (hockey) management game using excel that I've tested with some friends, and turned out to be fun. Only thing was all the manual sorting and copy/pasting really slowed it down, so I'm looking to see if it is simple enough for someone with little programming skills to be program it.


The game works out like this:


- 6 teams play multiple seasons (say 10 or more) with the goal to win as many championships as possible; think of it as a online board game that is played with the same people over many sessions of 2-3 hours each

- The league will have each team play ~15 games, then top 4 teams go to playoffs and play best of 7 series to crown a champion

- Each teams needs 2 player of each position: RW, C, LW, RD, LD, and G, plus a few more subs to have options

- There is a salary cap that limits how much in total you can pay for salaries each year

- You have to offer a contract to free agent players in a silent auction process, offering an annual salary and the number of years for the contract; the players would automatically sign the best contract offered

- Each player has only 4 stats, one for each of the game tactics that can be played in each game; plus also the player age (players retire after 5 years)

- Each year before the start of season, a new batch of players become available to be drafted by the teams to replace the retired players

- Teams are allowed to trade with each other to exchange players and/or draft picks for future seasons

- The actual game simulation is a rather simple calculation of each of your 2 lines having a set number of chances to score; the chance of scoring depends on the specific tactic you and your opponent choose (only one tactic choice per game)

- The goal of the game is to try to focus on 1 or 2 tactics (out of the 4) and get the best players in those stats while still meeting your salary cap; but also the consideration is whether to focus on trying to win this year or focus on getting draft picks for future years

- Ideally, this would be a web-based game where each team can log in and play (so they can view different stats tables on their own computers), and can be saved and reloaded to continue playing at future sessions.


Based on the very summarized explanation provided, can you guys let me know:

1) Does this sound simple enough that someone with little programming skills can learn to do in a fairly short amount of time?

2) If so, what's the best programming language to do this on?


Highly appreciate your responses!


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Just to throw a somewhat different suggestion out there... have you considered doing this in Excel, just using the macro functionality to avoid a lot of the manual labor?

I seem to remember it's possible to record macros -- depending on your setup you might not have to code anything at all.

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I did consider that as an option, but the issue is for this game to enjoyable to be played more than a few sessions, it really needs to be easy to play on multiple computers at once. I just think the end result and any future updates/additions I would make to this is worth having in an actual web-based game than just a patch work excel file.

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You could use a Google Doc as your math sourcing and just have a website reference it.

I have done something like that for an EVE Online Capital Ship Building Website.

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