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RawInput blocking input for other windows

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In my C++ engine, I am using rawinput for keyboard controls. Now, I have added some external GUI with input text boxes. However, the inputs from keyborad are "eaten" by raw input and never passed to GUI, even if it has focus. If I focus other windows, like web browser, all is OK.


I register keyboard via this:


Rid[0].usUsagePage = 0x01; 
Rid[0].usUsage = DEVICE_KEYBOARD; 
Rid[0].dwFlags = RIDEV_NOLEGACY; 
Rid[0].hwndTarget = windowHandle;

if (RegisterRawInputDevices(Rid, count, sizeof(Rid[0])) == FALSE){
MY_LOG_ERROR("Failed to register device");

and than check for WM_INPUT message


If I do not call RegisterRawInputDevices, GUI is working correctly, but the app obviously not, since I have not registered keyboard.


Is there a way to solve this?




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