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Looking for a Writer/Game Designer!

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Hiya! I am a writer/programmer working on a game that has the art almost completely done. I made a prototype of this game, but as I was learning GameMaker at the time, there were a lot of bugs and now I'm going into a rebuild to fix infrastructure before continuing. I also despised the battle system violently and want to completely change it up.


The goal is to release a 45 min to 1 hour long level proof of concept of a larger game to garner interest from various communities in it. It is a JRPG style game that is heavy as far as text and involves a lot of careful attention to language, taking place in a computerized world.


For realists here who want to finish something substantial, it should be fairly clear that the game has had substantial work put into it, but still needs more, and it should be clear that the goal is to do something actually possible.


This is where my requests come in. I have been working as both lead programmer and writer/designer. I can't do both. I need someone to take one of these two things off my hands so I can focus more heavily on finishing up the remaining part.


For the writer/game designer. Your job is to finish the script, specify scenery items (items that move the plot) in each area of the game, and build out riddles, puzzles, and do a redesign of the battle system. I had an active battle system previously, but am considering moving to something more Phoenix Wright-like in nature since narrative design is one of my bigger strengths. I'm open to whatever you suggest as LONG as it is well-scoped and fits the plot and theme of the game. Currently we're going with a generic theme of hacking. In addition, since the art is largely done, the designer will have to see what we have and consider that as a limitation. I can afford more art, but the designer should be prepared to make mockups using the art we have and determine how many more pieces will be needed.


This project is not meant to yield profit as is. It is meant to be a teaser for a project that may eventually yield profit. I believe that with the right help, it can be completed in 6 months.


Please contact me: itsalljustaprogram at gmail dot com.








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