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Rockman- 2D Platformer- Artists Needed!

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Hi! My name is Josh! I have been in Game Dev for a while now. Me and my team have been working on a game called Rockman. It is a 2d platformer game. The game is about Rockman, who wants to stop a villain from destroying the city. The game plays through as a comic book. It will show a page of the comic, and then you play out that chapter of the comic. We already have basic programming done, and we have all the enemies and all of Rock Man's sprites and animations done. What I need is an environmental artist to do backgrounds/environements (Backgrounds and also grass, platforms, ect). I also need a vector artist to draw the comic. You will be drawing basic drawing of Rockman that leads into the next chapter of the game. I am looking for skilled people who are willing to work hard, but also have fun, too. Remember, this is a hobby project.


If intersted, email me at






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