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A newbie with two possibly related questions

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I have web dev experience both front and back and a tiny bit developing simple platform apps either in C++ or C#.


A while back I made a simple "breaking bad" windowed game, where you gather resources, "cook" them, sell them and so on. Pretty basic 3k lines of C# but it was enjoyable. Now I'm on the path of "let's make it online so it's more fun than 30 minutes", with revamped ideas.


Like I did on the first one I intend to do it as I would any other project: basic features first and keep adding and optimizing. Preferences/issues:

  • All staying the same, C# vs C++ I'd have to go for C# (the learning would help me in an unrelated project).
  • I tried Unity3D and I hated it. It felt to me like less powerful than coding but just as complex if not more so. Also awkward. :(
  • I use mac, but I have to say I haven't used anything better than VisualStudio. If it's required I'll learn to develop within a virtual machine. Being inexperienced I'm open and wishing to be able to work easier in my mac though.
  • Multiplatform is not a strict requirement now that I think about it... but the more the better, right?


Now, I do this for fun, but I wouldn't hate the money unless it makes me do something not fun. So my two questions:


1) I thought of HTML5 and JS. I like javascript a lot and I see plenty of complex games running like a clock. Plus it would work mostly on every platform, plenty of libraries to choose from, easier (I think) to develop...


2) If you think it's a bad idea then we have computers. Something like MonoGame in C#? I looked at SDL and the other famous I can't remember and even though they had C# bindings, it looks to me that a) that's an extra layer of potential trouble and b) Monogame looked easier for a noobie like me.


I mentioned MonoGame because like a browser game it could be multi-platform, but I've never worked with it.


Any and all help is welcomed, thank you! :D

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Look into ThreeJS, a API for webGL, with your web development background, you can master this in minutes, and because it is web based, you being on mac ( eww) wont matter, only consideration is that this is strictly a graphics library, so you will have to implement physics, sound etc yourself or find other JS libraries out there.


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