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2D Artist / Pixel Artist for Project [RevShare]

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Hey , 
Im currently working on the prototype for a Tower Defense game that i would like to produce into an App, it is in very early stages of development - I have a GDD prepared that has basic information but the needed information. I will get around to updating it. I am looking for a 2D artist to handle all the sprites and animations ( backgrounds etc )  for the game. It will be a long term investment for an worst case scenario of 6-7 months if we are both lazy. I will not disclose information about the game here but i will when contacted.   To contact me just email me at      to talk further about the game and would be great if you could show some of your previous work. 


I currently prototype wise : having enemy Spawning , Movement , Enemy Stats , Rough Spawning System. 


I essentially would  like to have an artist in such early stages to clarify and set in stone a lot the of the art design to align with my game mechanics and so forth.

Thanks Guys , happy deving !!!!


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