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Rooftop Run

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So I spent a few weeks on the run up to Christmas building a small 'spacebar' or basic platform game which forms part of a Christmas Marketing campaign. The premise is really simple, just hit space or tap your screen, and is really just for a bit of fun!


The game is written in HTML5 with Canvas, but doesn't use any middlware libraries (e.g. Pixie or Phaser, etc). The game should work well across most mobile and desktop web browsers. I'm happy to discuss the technical aspects and challenges in more depth if people are interested (I'm certainly working on a blog post about it at the moment).




It's been a tight build, with a very tight timescale, but I'm quite happy with it overall. It's not perfect, and working on a range of devices has been 'fun'. Especially iOS Safari with it's full UI elements :/


I'd be happy to get any feedback and thoughts. Overall I hope it's just a fun couple of minutes distraction!


If you do enjoy it, a share in your favourite haunts online would be appreciated  :D, or leave a comment with constructive criticism or general feedback!




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