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SharpDX (DirectX 10) Alpha blending

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Hi guys,


I am trying to get alpha blending to work using SharpDX (C#). I am using DirectX 10 to be able to use the FX Framework.

I have been looking all over google trying to find my mistake in my BlendState but I don't think that the problem is there because the exact same shader works like intended in my C++ engine.

Currently, everything gets rendered but there is simply no blending going on.

Below is my blendstate, written in the .fx file

BlendState AlphaBlending
	BlendEnable[0] = TRUE;
	SrcBlend = SRC_ALPHA;
        DestBlend = INV_SRC_ALPHA;
	BlendOp = ADD;
	SrcBlendAlpha = ONE;
	DestBlendAlpha = ZERO;
	BlendOpAlpha = ADD;
	RenderTargetWriteMask[0] = 0x0f;

I have tried creating and setting the blend state in code but that doesn't work either.

BlendStateDescription desc = new BlendStateDescription();
desc.IsBlendEnabled[0] = true;
desc.BlendOperation = BlendOperation.Add;
desc.SourceAlphaBlend = BlendOption.One;
desc.DestinationAlphaBlend = BlendOption.Zero;
desc.AlphaBlendOperation = BlendOperation.Add;
desc.RenderTargetWriteMask[0] = ColorWriteMaskFlags.All;
desc.SourceBlend = BlendOption.SourceAlpha;
desc.DestinationBlend = BlendOption.InverseSourceAlpha; 
_context.Device.OutputMerger.SetBlendState(_blendState, new Color4(0, 0, 0, 0), -1); 

I was wondering if it might have something to do with the texture itself (maybe the alpha channel is not loaded properly?) but I am unsure about that

_textureResourceView = ShaderResourceView.FromFile(_context.Device, ParticleSystem.ImagePath);

I wouldn't know where the problem could lie. Is there anyone with experience with SharpDX that might see the problem?


Thanks in advance!

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