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[2D] [Roguelike] Looking for 2D-artist and like-minded person (PC/Android)

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Good evening, gamedev.net!
Let me introduce myself a bit. My name is Ian, I'm 26 years old. At university I was studying to become english/german languages teacher, but I work as a project manager. But that doesn't matter. What matters is that in my early childhood, when parents presented me Dendy for New Year, I became obsessed (in a good sense) with video games. Everything changed when my father bought me my first PC and a CD with Gothic I on it. Since then I was an RPG fan, fantasy setting in particular.
<Here was a boring story of my failed gamedev life, but I decided not to bore you with it, so here you go:>
Title: While the game is in prototype stage, it's simply called "Project Dungeon Crawler"
Genre: Roguelike
Engine: Unity3D
 - Graphic editor on artist's choice, but Adobe Photoshop preferred
 - Unity Collaboration version control
 - Unity 5.5.0f3
 - Agile board for planning and work logging
 - Web app for counting time spent on tasks (this is done not for total control, but rather out of interest how much of the time the game will consume in the end)
 - Discord for communication, file sharing and so on.
Project 'birdthday': 28.11.2016 
Release date: Prototype (read MVP) will be finished by 31.12.2016, alpha, which will most likely go to Steam Greenlight - at the end of Feb, 2017 in best-case scenario
Distributuon: Steam, Google Play in the future
What I have right now is compiled from free assets. Don't mind the two white squares at the top-left corner, it's just an unfinished 'inventory'
Game is a typical Roguelike genrge representative with implementation of additional mechanics. What is meant by that, is except standart 'must have' roguelike features like turn-based system and randomly generated levels there will be other mechanics like a 'torch' one (see Darkest Dungeon for reference), different kinds of traps, magic system and so on.
Unlike many roguelikes, where story is only a secondary element, I want to make mine one of primary element. Can't tell you what's it about, though, because right now I'm deciding between sveral variants of it.
Who's on the "team":
I. Myself. I'm a game designer and a programmer right now. My programmer skills are somewhat low, the project serves as a learning material. I got more exp in game design though - I've read some books/articles and my project-manager position helped a bit.
Who do I need:
Actually, I'm willing to take people without expertise in game development or newbies in their field.
General preferences:

  • Love for games in general and for fantasy setting / RPG / Roguelikes in particular
  • A desire to make a game
  • Older than 18
  • Team spirit and task fullfillment proficiency (gosh, that sounds like a line from some job site)
  • Proficiency in kicking oneself in the ass in the capacity of laziness preventive action :)

2D-artist. What I wish from you (spoiler: pretty much everything graphic):

  • tiles
  • character and monsters
  • visual representation of weapons, armor and other items (icons and/or sprites for game world/character equip)
  • UI (if you don't think you can do it - we'll try! If you won't be able to - we'll find free assets or buy something)
  • concept-art
  • some facility with using Adobe Photoshop (or alternative, but PS preferred)
  •  drawing in Darkest Dungeon/Don't Starve style or general idea of how that's done and desire to learn

I wasn't gonna go looking for 2d-artist during the prototype stage originally, wanted to do it by the end of alpha development, but decided to do it anyway. Now, we can easily find out whether we suit one another, do we have the same vision for the game, etc. You'll have to draw, loosely speaking, two tiles, two items, etc, just to see if we're on the same page. Kind of a test job. But more on that in private correspondence.
Co-game designer (if i can say so). This is who I've meant when I mentioned 'like-minded' person in the Subject. 
The thing is, my mind is generating and processing ideas really good only in ping-pong mode, when I have someone to 'throw' my idea to, and get a feedback (or not, sometimes I conduct monologue with a 'wall', but it's hard and doesn't always work). So, I need a person with a special place in heart for fantasy/rpg/roguelikes, just like me, who knows games from the inside (not like 'oh, there's only hp and mana, this game is super easy to make), who has inclinations of a game designer (ideally someone who've read some books/articles on that), and has a similar mindset. A person, with whom I'd be able to discuss project, features, mechanics, find solutions, etc.
What can I offer:

  • Unfortunately, I can't offer you any money, maybe only notorious profit sharing, but... but! I want to make this game for invaluable experience and fun, not for money.
  • Experience of working in a team. Ideally - I want to find like-minded people, who will want to continue making games beyond this project, and to form this 'skeleton' of a gamedev 'studio'.
  • A unique chance of me not being one of the hundreds of 'directors', 'masterminds' and such - I'll work on this as hard as any of you, maybe even harder.
  • No fixed office hours xD

Contact me:
Write me e-mail: dev@inc.plaguedoc.ru
Write me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/devcor (though I rarely check it)
Well, I hope I find someone as passionate for gamedev as myself, because none of my two friends are into this. If you got any questions - ask them here or by mail.
If you think you can contribute to this project any other way than what I'm looking for, feel free to write!
And I'm terribly sorry for my not-so-great english, it's very late already (4 am) and it has become a bit rusty over the years of not using it.



Thankx for the interest, guys, not viable anymore. At least for now.

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