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Proxy Open Alpha Release

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Hey everyone :)


I'm new to the site, so it will be cool to see the stuff you guys post in the future after Christmas time.


I wanted to show you all the game I've been working on since July. 


The basic idea is you program your robot to defend you in a world ruled by robots. I released it a couple days ago and has already made some big modifications thanks to the feedback I received. I'd love it if you guys gave it a go and gave me your thoughts and opinions.


You can find a little trailer for it here and a download link here.



You can of course fight




And have conversations with some interesting robots



Here is just some water I'm proud of because I made this game engine 




There is some hacking as well



Anyways I hope you guys enjoy it and come up with some cool ideas!



[Edit]: Fixed a little spelling mistake.

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Awesome stuff :) Bug fixes and minor changes from the initial releases feedback seem to be at an end so I can now focus on my next big update which will include more quests, items, etc.


Thank you to everyone who has tried the game so far!

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