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Somewhere on Zibylon - sci fi puzzle-stealth

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Somewhere on Zibylon
(work in progress)
Gameplay trailer:

" rel="external">

About the game:

Sci-fi exploration puzzle game with stealth elements, set in deep space and without gravity.

The signal from the Control Center of the colonized planet Zibylon has been lost. A repair drone is sent to the station. Upon arrival, it detects loss of control over the stations and strange activity taking place in them. Using the capabilities of the drone and the orbital module, explore Zibylon, solve puzzles, hide from enemies and fight with them, search for resources and produce equipment to capture stations and mines. If you want to regain control over the stations, figure out the tangled mechanisms and structures and avoid the many dangers that threaten you.

Main features:

     - Explore the space stations and the entire planet.

     - Solve the variety of environmental puzzles.

     - Use stealth to find ways to avoid skirmishes with aliens.

     - Combat the alien forces, using the capabilities of the orbital module.  

     - Search and capture space bases and mines.

     - Mining, crafting and researching technologies for equipping and arming the orbital module.

Game modes:

(Explanation of the game process and game modes).

The game contains two game modes - Drone Mode and Planet Control. The essence of the game is to reach new levels in Planet Control mode, and then pass them in Drone Mode.

In Planet Control mode the player controls the orbital module, which explores the planet and finds the captured stations. Destroying the aliens' defensive weapon first will give access to most stations. Installing the weapon and the reinforced hull to the orbital module increases your strength. Extracting resources and using the crafting mode to produce all the necessary details are key to winning. Producing these requires certain technologies; they become available after passing the corresponding level in the drone mode.

The Drone Mode refers to exploration of huge space stations, solving logical tasks and avoiding collisions with aliens by using stealth.









Links to the game:
IndieDB page
Official website

Any feedback is appreciated!

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Demonstration of an example of game process - the way through spheres:
In this example the player needs to pass through the spheres connected with each other. In each static sphere there is a rotating sphere with openings. To pass to the following static sphere, the player has to pass through openings of two rotating spheres. To avoid a deadlock, you need to think over the path before beginning the task.

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Combination of puzzles and stealth


This example shows how the game combined puzzles and stealth. To open the door at the end of the hangar, the player must place the drone above the first sensor. Further the player needs to move ahead so that the drone is always over a sensor and doesn't descend from this way. If the player departs from the sensors, then the door will be closed and will need to start all over again. The enemy's drones are on duty around and you need to pass unnoticed. To do this, you need to rise above or below over the sensors, as well as adjust the light intensity of the drone's searchlight. Thus, the player will be at a distance from the enemy drones and unnoticed by them. Further you need to go by the path of sensors to the end of the hangar and pass through the gateway. 



Support the game on Steam Greenlight:








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Warp jump instead of stealth. Find a way to activate the accelerators and get past the enemies at warp speed. This passing method is coming to replace the usual stealth in this level. Another example of a combination of puzzle and stealth.

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