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Deliverable ideas for narrative design

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I have been given a level design for unreal project at university. It is a group project and there is about 5 of us.
We have all been assigned roles. And other people are making the level and models and doing the art, and my job is the narrative design aspect of it with a vague art component.
I plan to do a game design document, paper prototype, sample script, high pitch, some game text (like flavour text, action dialogue) and I guess a kind of game "lexicon".
There need to be more than this though and I can't think of anything else, There really needs to be a good volume of work; What else can I do, aside from the list above, to do something more and really do something cool for this project?

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Let me ask, what kind of skillset do you have? If you're working with Unreal (assuming you're making a 3D game), do you have any experience with 3D modeling or texturing? If so, you could easily contribute to the decorating levels with miscellaneous objects. Or perhaps some programming? Or maybe even sound design (specifically for sound effects), since you haven't mentioned that anyone else is working on sound. 


Of course, writing (script, narrative, character-building, lore, and world-building included) in addition to writing an entire G.D.D for what I'm assuming is a Junior/Senior-level project is a very significant contribution in of itself. You can focus on that if you aren't particularly skilled in that many other areas. But then again, I don't know how much control you have over the story so I could be getting ahead of myself here. If you could tell us exactly what your roles are and what they detail, that would help a lot.

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Subject: Deliverable ideas for narrative design
I plan to do a game design document, paper prototype, sample script, high
pitch, some game text (like flavour text, action dialogue) and I guess a kind
of game "lexicon".

ChriHK asked a good question; it sounds to me like your role is Game Designer.
It's not unusual for a game designer to take on the narrative design*. To
clarify: you are doing much more than narrative design, given the deliverables
you list. You say, "There really needs to be a good volume of work;" the stuff
you listed IS a good volume of work. You don't need to ask strangers right
now what else you can add to achieve "a good volume of work;" just get started
on the stuff you listed. If something else is needed, the realization may hit
you or your teammates at some point. And of course you should address your
concerns with your professor (just go over the list and ask what you asked us

Edit: *but it is unusual for the narrative designer to take on all the duties
of a game designer.

Edit2: artemicions, you need to write a narrative design: first off, what
are the dramatic elements? It comes down to: characters (list them and de-
scribe them, specifying which are playable and which are NPCs), universe or
world (if it's on our planet Earth, describe where on the earth and what the
time period is), and the backstory/situation. What is the history of the
game world, and it has led us to what situation that the characters are
dealing with? Edited by Tom Sloper

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To ChriHK; I'm okayish at modeling and the like, but really, I haven't ever used unreal before. So, I am currently learning all i can on that. I mean, I get the basics of it through common sense. Its kinda daunting and am having a real hard time knowing where to start. Fortunately though there are other in the group that are more inclined to this sort of work, so we figured that we would focus on the areas that we want to do it for the rest of there lives. As we have it; there are 5 of us,  The team leader is focused on art, we have two modelers, a sound guy and me a design/art/writing dude. We are all working to get the level together though. Maybe there are areas in that we can focus on? As i said, our team leader is going to focus on art and is a dab hand at unreal, our modelers are adept at all kinds of modeling and animation and stuff, and our sound guy can is just kinda that... And my area is design I guess... we have to make a design document, high pitch, art portfolio and one level from the game done in unreal. And yeah, I have complete control of the story.


To Tom sloper: I think that design is the area that I should focus on for this, thanks for clarifying it for me. My strength is in writing though, so i figure that is where I can shine and do something really Cool. 


I have done the high pitch so i have a basic outline of the shape of it, but yeah i think you are right. I will focus on the who, what, when and how for now. I just want to give it some sparkle is all.


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