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Seeking a 2D pixel artist to help with an already-working project

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A permanent artist has been found. If you're still interested in applying to work on music/SFX or to be a private tester, I am still accepting applications for those.


I am also looking for a music/SFX person, and many alpha/beta testers. If you fall into one of these, check the bottom of the post for the discord and I'll happily discuss things with you.


1/7/17 - I have released alpha 1.0 to a group of closed alpha testers. The game does in fact exist!


General Overview


Hi everybody, as the title states, I'm currently seeking a 2d pixel-based artist for a working project. I've been developing the project on my own for around 4 months now, and it's finally getting to the point that I feel it is worthy of going public. The game is in an alpha state, however most of the groundwork code is in meaning features can now be created at a steady pace. The game is being coded in Lua with the Love2d engine rather than a more main-stream language because the speed of development is faster, the language is easy to read and debug, and it's the language I personally know best. 



"What's your game about, exactly?"


While I don't want to go into too many details, you will own a factory which produces crates. Sounds easy, right? It is, unless you're aiming to maximize profits. Each crate has its own special effect which will require you to handle it in its own way to ensure it's worth as much as it possibly can be. This will entail interactions from leaving the crate in storage for a while to let its value appreciate, produce it on machines with the fastest conveyor belts, or even keep crates nearby others to synergize* (patent pending) their effects. I want the player to have as much freedom in how they play as possible, leaving players to have strategies all their own.


There will be plans of a story (nothing which is meant to be world shattering, just a nice bit of reason for what you're doing), persistent upgrades, and a prestiging of some sort to unlock new features similar to an idle game.



"What would be expected of me?" Style, time allocation, compensation


As a general statement, if you've been doing pixel art for a few years and can spend more than 2 hours a week, you're probably perfectly fine for the project. As I'm only looking to hire on the help of one artist, the better your art and the more experience you have, the more I'll want you on the team!


I myself only spend about 7 hours a week on average working on the game, and I wouldn't expect more than half that from others. It's a passion project of mine, so if you're somebody who can get really into a project, that's a huge bonus. Having some experience with game design (or just a mind for innovation) is also a huge perk, as I thoroughly enjoy talking through possible improvements and solutions to problems with others who share a similar interest.


As for compensation, I can't technically pay you due to the rules of this forum, but if you stick around to a release, I will happily include a revenue share clause. I wouldn't expect much, but ad revenue (and if you stick around long enough, game sales) do add up even for a small indie startup. Keep in mind I work on this project just because I enjoy seeing progress on an innovative idea, so hopefully you share a similar attitude!



"Are there any requirements?"


I personally believe that the artist should have the most say in how their art must be done; artistic freedom is everything. However, certain pieces will have requirements to work around features and other pieces of code, so you will need to be able to understand and improvise around those few limits.


You must be 18 years or older. While I don't think that you have to be "an adult" to have great art, anything you sign isn't void unless you are legally an adult (in the united states, at least). I would like to protect my work by having you sign a couple documents stating you'll keep the work on the project secret unless given permission otherwise, and that you won't leak/sell any portion of the code or idea -- standard stuff, really. (if you're under 18 but feel your art is worth it, contact me and make sure you mention this and I might be able to work something out).


Though not a requirement, being around the GMT-5:00 timezone is a perk. I usually work on the project in said timezone around the early evening, and would like to be able to communicate with you while I'm working if need be. The same goes for the other way around, I like to be around in case you have questions or ideas you'd like opinions on.



"I might have an interest, how can I contact you?"


It's great that you're considering helping out on the project! If you're still on the fence, go ahead and send in an application, and if I feel you are a possible match for the project, I can send you the current game files for you to test.


As either a message on here, a message on Skype (my username is khranosgm), or a message in the game's discord, please send me the following information: your name (nickname is fine), age (doesn't have to be exact if over 18), whether or not you've worked on a project before (if you have, links are appreciated), how long you've been in the indie or pixel art scene, and at least 3 examples of your art (the more, the better).



"You mentioned a discord..."


I did indeed. You can join it here: https://discord.gg/nkhB6Jr


Feel free to send in your applications here. I am also interested in finding somebody for music/SFX, and plenty of people as closed beta/alpha testers. I'm usually always around (and if I'm not, I'll get back to you as soon as possible), so feel free to stop in and ask about anything you have a question about.



Final notes:


If you found the post to be a bit bulky, I was trying to steer those away who wouldn't have the dedication. If you just skipped to the bottom, feel free to read this from the start. Or not, I'm not a cop.


I don't plan on having more than two other staff members (not counting me) on the project. It likely won't become too big, but I just thoroughly enjoy the process -- hopefully you do too.


Thank you for your interest in my project, and best of luck to you in your own endeavors if this one wasn't your cup-o-tea.

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