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[revshare] Seeking Someone(s) Creative All Depts

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Hey all,
I am looking for someone to collaborate with on a game I have been working on. It is a fantasy/magical themed Metroidvania. Explore the world, fight new enemies, unlock new abilities that let you explore new areas with new enemies and more abilities. Pixel art themed. I've got a build in GMS2 that includes all of the basic mechanics plus a bit more. 
So far, I have been doing the art, design, and programming myself, so I am interested in help for all departments! I ask that you only inquire if you are experienced, regularly available, and please be able to provide samples of your work as well. Programmers must have a copy of GMS2 and artists must have a sense of animation or strong ability to draw/conceptualize environments. Really though, the main reason I am seeking out additional help is because I get tired of coming up with ideas, debating and critiquing myself. I need someone who can brainstorm. I am keen that this game carries a strong sense of magic all throughout the world. A surreal/trippy oriented brain is a plus! 
Send me a message on Skype at SchweeDubulus if you are interested and serious! Thanks for reading.



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