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MSAA Quality levels / sampling - good overview / lists?

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Hi guys,


When working on MSAA I've noticed that there are dozens of different quality levels for different GPUs and custom stuff Ati/Amd and Nvidia did - EQAA, Quincunx etc.


In most cases that means sampling distribution differences. Now, I guess MSAA and the research on that might not be as relevant any more today, but I've gotten curious and would like to know more.


However, google seems to not be my friend, info on that seems super sparse and even if some new sampling method is presented I rarely find the associated SampleDescription.Quality associated.


I would appreciate if someone could help :)





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My few cents:
- there are different to do it, for example through the API itself, using the rendertarget's properties (in dx11 for example).
But you can also do it manually with shaders.
- I think on the frontend side there will only be 2 properties: number of samples and enabled y/n (and perhaps the type of AA, if you support multiple sorts of AA)

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