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Feedback for Composer Quest 3

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Hey guys just wondering if I could get some feedback on a track I've been working on, it's part of the Composer Quest challenge created by Dan Hulsman of the Video Game Music Academy. 


The challenge was to create a heavy metal boss theme, which I think if anything the only thing I got close to was the "feel" of the track. I'm interested in most aspects of production so I'm keen on any feedback I can get. I'm almost finished studying my Bachelor in music theory and audio engineering so feel free to use big words if you want.


Some things I'm kinda aware of, I've turned the bass down way past the point where I can hear it, unfortunately I have no speakers at the moment and my headphones are poor quality so I can't get an accurate picture of the low end. Send help.


Instrument lines:



Guitar 1

Guitar 2



Damage Loop


Bpm: 150

Time signature 4/4

Key: G major(and a smidgen of E minor)


Link to track on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/corey-taylor-525458760/task-3-heavy-metal-boss-theme 


Thanks in advance!


Edit: P.S I'm new so hello, long time lurker, first time sign-up and poster. Also if I did anything wrong please let me know I don't wanna break any rules unnecessarily.

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I can analyze this on three levels: is it metal, does it work as a boss theme, and do I subjectively like it? I'll focus mainly on the first level, since I don't know what kind of game you're picturing to go with this, and since my subjective opinion ultimately doesn't count for much.

First off, the use of a major scale is highly unusual in metal, also unusual as a boss theme (though to a lesser degree), and (in my completely subjective personal opinion) I don't like. The default scale for metal is the minor scale, but even exotic scales like the Locrian mode are more metal than the major scale.

0:00-0:04: A very basic intro, but it works, I guess. Short, too. I'm torn between suggesting that it be elongated for a more epic feel and suggesting that it be eliminated entirely. There are basically two ways to start a metal song: come in hard and fast with one of the fastest and most impressive parts of the song, or start with a slow atmospheric section that slowly builds up. This isn't really either one of these. Still, it works.

0:04-0:07: OK, it sounds like the actual song is about to start...

0:07-0:28: ...or not. After that lead-in, I was expecting something much faster and denser. That drum pattern has no place in metal. Drum pattern aside, this section might work as a slow section placed between faster and denser sections for contrast.

0:28-0:31: OK, now the actual song is going to start...

0:31-0:51: ...or not. I can't say that I like this section at all. That start-and-stop guitar style can work as a punctuation mark between sections, not as a 20 second section on its own. It kills any momentum the track had, in a track that is already lacking in momentum. What makes this particular bad is that the lead-in (0:28-0:31) seems to exist mostly to build up momentum for a fast section. Failing to follow through on that is jarring, and not in a good sense.

0:51-1:11: See comments for 0:07-0:28. I actually like the guitar melody and the choir parts, but the drums ruin it for me. Tremolo-picking the guitar melody or playing it at twice the original speed might also help to make this more metal.

1:11-1:36: See comments for 0:31-0:51.

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Thanks for your input, I'm not a very avid listener of the genre so you're knowledge is quiet welcome. I knew there were some subtle things that were a little off like the lengths and impact of the sections, the drum patterns and that B section with the start-stop guitar. Also I've changed the song to a minor key and it's made a marvelous difference.


Thanks again, you've given me lots to think about! 

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