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Looking to join c++ project-s.

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Hello, call me BaneTrapper.


Since start of year 2014 to mid 2016 i have programmed using c++ language making various projects.

I have started learning c++ early 2012 using tutorials, and watching videos of other programmers tackle their projects, that's how i grew my knowledge.


What i want:

I am looking to spend my time, and improve my coding knowledge, but most importantly i want to learn from other coders, studding their code, and communicating.


What i am willing to learn stretches from basic things like scripting languages, creating ports of applications, your tricks on data management, creation of custom engines for games (Dealing with hardware), basically anything worth knowing.


What em i good at?

I am versatile coding in c++ language, i can to some extent optimize code for performance i understand a bit of how compilers generate code, i have watched plenty of talk's on code/performance optimization so i have good understanding of do's and don'ts.

Like everyone i have created more bugs in code then i can recall, but i have to my best knowledge fixed every single one i have made or at least figured out how to fix, yes there where some that took months to figure out simply because they didn't occur so often, or i didn't posses knowledge to fix them.

I know a math, its not algebra math, but i do vectors, and understand sin/cos. I have dabbled, and wrote few algorithms from need which i later figured out actually have names, so i'm inventor too :o .


Video of 2D, rpg game i have coded all by my self(Note: There was another programmer but he worked on adding lua to the project, so we would port from my created scripting language to lua, which i still don't agree would be a good choice, but for collaboration purpose i agreed)


A bit on the image what you we can see:

The screenshot is from the game Editor, we can see navigation mesh, and regions mesh which are for even triggers, there are objects which most of them have interactivity implemented(opening doors, lighting candles on fire, and extinguishing, picking berries from bushes, collecting flowers), then there's button's which act as switches for state machine so one switch from editing terrain, to editing attributes of objects etc.



My time restrictment:

I would offer my hard work, and my limited knowledge for MORE knowledge. Yes it's that simple!

Which would evaluate to 2 hours when i work, and full day when i got free days.(Add there i got chores to take off ya know... i am a living organism, but no doubt i get 8 hours in)


I forgot to add contacts :P

BaneTrapperDev@gmail.com or BaneTrapperDev@hotmail.com, or you can pm me.


Edit 2:
About payment:
I don't require payment, or desire one. I am financially set with my job, that is why i cannot offer more hours then written above.

But if you share split, sure i'l take my cut.

Edited by BaneTrapper

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What's your pay?

Wot i was just scrolling and downwoted cause i pressed "Page down" key :o.


I added mark for payment in "Edit 2:" section in first post.

Edited by BaneTrapper

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