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What technologies for an Android & iOS app

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Hello forum : )


I have a bit of time to do a side-project and would like to know what are neat technologies to create an app for Android and iOS and optionally on PCs.


Technologies can be literally everything: Engines and languages and their neat libraries.


My conditions:

- The technology is free for commercial use without any royalties, so free as in free.

- Using an ad service is possible and does not require insane amount of work to get done.

- Should be still supported and not abandoned.

- I do not need 3D, just 2D is fine!


My experience:

- Plenty C++ and SFML experience.

- Java experience with no special game library.

- C#/Mono experience with no special game library.

- Much more, I do not really care what language, I'm positive that I can make it work : )


About engines:

- I do not care what scripting language they are using.


As said, support for PC is optional, but always loved.


Currently I'm considering Godot! But always open to hear about your experience and suggestions : )

Thanks a lot for taking your time to read my thread!

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For 2D you defenetly need to try Defold It's a 2d engine. One huge advantage above unity is a build pipeline, you can make changes and see how new build works in 15 seconds on your device.

Another small advantage is a build size and performance. But there are also many drawbacks like unsporting plugins in current version, so you are stick to their api.


Personally it's just hard for me to learn lua after c# because I used to OOP.

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Adobe air.
Deploy to desktop or android or ios device in one click.
Debug desktop or android or ios line by line no probs.
Great perfomance profiling tool called Scout.
Great free ide for Windows called flashdevelop that included some nice boilerplate for you.
Can use starling for easy gpu accelerated rendering.
Plus various other things...
Not the fastest language in the world but plenty fast enough for 2d games.
Limited access to device capabilities. Although you can use native extensions should you need it.
There can be some quirks to get things running but the correct choice of ide can negate some of that. This applies to most other platforms too mind.

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