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New Member Saying Hi/Feedback on Orchestral Stuff

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Hey guys a friend of mine just referred me to this forum so I thought I'd check it out.  It looks like a great community so I'm excited to virtually hang with everyone. 


Nsmadsen, I listened to the demo stuff you have on your website and it sounds pretty incredible! Glad to have you here moderating.


I graduated Cal State Northridge about 2 weeks ago with a degree that's more or less film scoring.  Commercial and Media Writing to be specific.  Right now I'm running Cubase 8.5 and mostly EastWest stuff (Hollywood Strings, Brass and Woodwinds; Stormdrum II; and QL Spaces).  I saw some great responses to other feedback posts so I thought I'd throw my stuff out there too.  My biggest areas of focus right now are mixing and getting a more realistic sound out of my VSTs so if you guys have suggestions about certain plugins or sample packs you use please let me know.



Epic sample:


Action sample:


Video game battle:





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Hey Tyler, your stuff sounds awesome! I've got some very minor feedback.


A thought that stuck in my head but disappeared as I listened to all of your tracks was that your panning could be wider? I think it's just your first track the Epic sample, it sounds a little mono to me. 


For plugins if you haven't heard of Valhalla room you should go and check it out here:

It's fairly reasonably priced for how cool it is and I know a lot of people use it as there go-to reverb plugin. Could be something you'd be interested in with the style you compose in. 


Other than that I'm fully jealous of your skills! Keep up the good work!


Edit: Also I would highly recommend the Composer Quest challenge from Video Game Music Academy, it gets you to compose pieces within a set brief, some are video game related such as writing for an up-beat snow level, while some are just interesting composition exercises like only using 3 unique pitches within an octave as your melody line. Super fun!

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