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General questionaire for game music

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I did not find a thread similar to this, and I don't think this fits into one of the existing ones(country music ringtones).
The soundtrack seems pretty good to me already and as i am not sure how you guys proceeded with selection and stuff, i thought i'd just add my 2 cents to the lot.
The following is a very general questionaire i put up to a game developer that wanted to make me do the soundtrack for his game. Maybe it helps, maybe not. Whatever use you have out of this, use it. Since Grip's game structure is already well defined and there are already quite a few music tracks in it, some points are obsolete, but I give you this just as a reference, in case you have any use of it.
When I'm doing music, these are the questions I want answered, before accepting and starting an assignement. free message tones
/////// The Product:
. A Million words can never describe what a single audible example can. A few examples per section. Not too many, else it gets difficult to decide on the final music direction.
. Game type? Game style? Game Speed?
. Tempo and mood: fast paced? slow paced? Starts slow and becomes faster?
. Which parts of the game is the player expected to be in for the longest period of time (needs extra attention to not be boring)
. What is the musical strategy?
. How many tunes/levels are needed?
. How long should a tune be?
. Will there be a randomized ingame playlist, so that several tunes play during a sinlge level? Or will the level time be fixed, so each level has its own tune?
. Does the music need to be dynamic according to the mood/pace? -> Dynamic situation/multitrack tune per level? (This would allow for shorter tunes with various moods changing according to the game pace)
. Does the music need to be looped? 
. Sections - Visual examples for inspiration are needed for all sections in the game:
- Intro
- Separate Soundtrack for different in-game sections
- Game Won
- Game Over
- Highscore list
- Menu
- more?
Sound Effects: These need about the same amount of time and dedication to attention to produce as the music.
. Are the Sound Effects ready or do I need to produce them? If ready, they are needed to be provided for reference. (Sound effects need to fit the music accoustically and stylewise)
. Do the Sound Effects need to be timed to the rhythm of the music (example game: REZ)? This takes extra coordination.
. How many variations do the same sound effects need/is the engine capable of playing back in a non-repetitive random form?
Yeah, not sure, maybe this is totally obsolete by now. It just occurred to me I could maybe help some tiny bit more with this... ;)
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