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dungeon crawler stepper, perspective?

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what design "is better" for an simple dungeon crawler /rpg game


"ego" perspective, like the dark eye,ishar,m&m


"side" like darkest dungen( do you know more tactic rpg games with that perspective ?)


and why?


what are pros and cons?

I grow up with the older games, so I'm not sure if I like the old games more, or the design



for example the level is an spaceship

I could render it in ego stepper slices, or long side panorama view. so same effort for me(complexity  1:1)



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Limit the options you have to make a game and you will find more creative ways to design it. In other words, it sounds tempting to use a first-person view game with all its freedom and quite restrictive to use a side-perspective, but on the other hand, you suddenly have so much "user-interaction-space" you need to fill.


An other advantage of limited options in game development is, that you need to focus more on the core-concept/mechanism of your game, because often game designers tend to add new features to make their game more interestnig instead of polishing the core game.


Besides these game design advantages, you often have technically benefits too, even if they are not  immediately apparent.

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