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Seeking collaborators for a small project

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General Overview

Hello everyone. As the title states, we're currently looking for collaborators for a project-in-progress. So far, the project has been on a back-burner for a few months, due to lack of time. However, plenty of time has been freed and it's time to revive it! And to do that, I'll need 2-3 people to assist. A story/writing collaborator, an artist, and (optionally) a programmer.


"What's your game about, exactly?"

The game itself shall be a sizable visual novel where every decision matters. While I don't want to give away too much of the story here, it's a murder-mystery at the core. But expands into branching, interwoven stories that connect the characters and create a net of intrigue and deception where anything could be a lie and everyone has their own reasons.


"What would be expected of me?" Style, time allocation, compensation, requirements etc.

I'd say anywhere in the range of 2-6 hours a week would be expected. Fluctuating depending on the workflow between people involved. And each person would have different things expected of them, depending on their function;


Writer - 3 hours/week, creative mind, English-speaking/writing, experience with Word, able to provide weekly/bi-weekly reports, 18 years or older.


Artist - 2 hours/week, creative mind, able to follow instruction, able to design based on given materials, experience with any visual program (Photoshop, Paint.Net, etc.), able to provide weekly/bi-weekly reports, 18 years or older.


Programmer - 2 hours/week, able to follow instruction, experience with either TyrannoBuilder or any programming language, able to provide weekly/bi-weekly reports, 18 years or older.


"I might have an interest, how can I contact you?"

If you're considering joining the project, great! Just send in an application and, if I find that you're a suitable person for the project, I'll notify you ASAP.


You can send applications to; reelpawproductions@gmail.com


Please include; Name (nickname is acceptable), age (doesn't have to be exact if over 18), experience (links are appreciated), how long you've been in your respective area (writing, art, programming), and examples of your work (2 for writer, 3 for artist, 1 for programmer.)


Final notes:

This project is planned to be sizable, but not AAA by any means. It is essentially a project I've been wanting to jump into for quite a while. If it does get to a certain point, the game could become financially steered, in which case it would become either crowd-funded or rev-share. Where-in we will take it to Kickstarter, Patreon, etc. and fund ourselves that way. Or we finish it, release it, and share the revenue on a TBD percentage split.

Thank you for your time and your interest in my project. Best of luck to you all in your own ventures. I hope to hear from some of you soon!

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Hi @SDF50,


I am a Programmer with 2d game building experience. I can develop games for PC (in c++) and the Web.

If you are still looking for members of your team, I will love to join you.


I have sent an email to you.

My address is: mailforgautamvg@gmail.com


Please let me know what you decide.

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This 18+ thing make you look like paedophobian   :D

I think I will send you an application. Since i'm one of those ppl that stop on half-way, I will make a simple game just for my application.

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As I am an amateur, but persistant writer, I would like to know how much experience you want? Professional, then the job isn't for me, however I'm working on a number of different stories myself at the moment, but they are mostly in my native language. So I can't exactly provide you with any "work" I've done, as my work is not in english and I've never been on a project before.


However I am fluent in english and have a passion for writing, and would love to get experience.



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