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Proxyndic is a Sci-fi Action Role-Playing game set in the distant future. Players are immersed into a dense and claustrophobic metropolis where no official government exists. While corporations control and manage the majority of the human population, a remnant of militia and rivaling syndicates battle for supremacy. In Proxyndic, there is no linear driven story-line or hand holding. Player freedom is a virtue.





Immerse yourself in a deep, vibrant, cyberpunk style atmosphere.







Once the arrival shuttle doors open to the city you're free to do as you please. Remember that every action has it's consequences. It's up to you to determine how to survive.





Accomplish the daily activities to keep your character strong and healthy. Eat, drink, sleep, and cleanse. Gain knowledge and adapt to your surroundings. Lock your apartment doors.. Hire bodyguards.. Keep a low profile. There are many strategies that will help keep your character alive and out of danger.







Engage in hand-to-hand combat or equip various weapons to take down your opponents. Take evasive maneuvers such as diving to dodge oncoming fire. Use enemies as human shields. Perform executions and take-downs.






RPG Elements

Practice and enhance your skills to increase the overall effect of your abilities. Equip implants and consume drugs to boost your skills.




Employment System

Combat and violence is not the only way to earn your keep. There are many individuals and organizations alike that are willing to hire. Choose employment that best fits your play style as you increase skills related to your occupation. Use your imagination to earn credits. Take on contracts, become a drug dealer, bodyguard VIP citizens, or simply become a janitor to receive a steady salary. The choice is yours!




Syndicate Management

Create and grow your own syndicate. Hire agents to carry out and execute tasks. Take part in the manufacturing and trade business to expand profits. Sabotage your rivals and take control of territories in order to increase income and expand. Once a territory is captured, maintain control in order to keep a steady stream of estate revenue.




Galactic Exchange

All corporate securities are traded on the Galactic Exchange. Within this market players may buy or sell stocks, given they have the sufficient amount of credits. There are a wide variety of unique companies that players may invest in. Their products and services can also be found throughout each city.




Card Game

The most common strategic card game played across the galaxy. Competing for credits is not recommended until the game is properly learned.




Three Main Syndicates

Each syndicate/faction has a unique relationship with one another. Doing 'favors' for one faction will have adverse effects on the others. If you're feeling limited to join one of the 3 syndicates, then simply create your own!




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Please advise the current trailers are outdated and will be updated soon. Sit tight!

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Proxyndic Update v0.38
The construction of Proxyndic Wiki is underway. All Proxyndic related lore, tips, and information can be found on the WIKI via the link here : WIKI
Mechanized Characters
Introduction of Mechs. These heavily armored enemies are able to take several hits before being destroyed. It's a good idea to avoid direct confrontation with these characters.
The following companies have been added to the game. Images and descriptions of each company are available on the WIKI link here: WIKI
m6jQnib.png K2deROW.png kGHxvKh.png YYr2vrk.png
In Progress - Near completion
For the month of January, much time has been spent getting 'Area 9 - The Slums' completed. This area will open up the ability to further work on core gameplay mechanics such as territory control and syndicate creation. The Slums will also introduce the Employment system where players will be able to take up an occupation for a regular salary. Currently, the slums background has been fully drawn out and is ready to be placed into the game world. The slums will be accessible by train from Port Vega as well as from any landing pad via Cordicab.
The rest of the time has been spent on preparation for the upcoming Proxyndic trailer. Overall, for the month of February, expect to see Area 9 - The Slums integrated along with a brand new updated trailer showing off all the new details and features.

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The new Proxyndic Trailer has arrived!



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