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(Royalties/Paid)Looking for Collaborators RPG Unreal Engine

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Hello, I am the founder of a new game studio, and currently, we are looking for some 3D Artists, and a few Unreal Engine experts to work with us on this project. This will be known as the prerequisite team, as we will hire other developers from the money we gain from Kickstarter, and or the Epic Games DevGrant. As stated in the title, people will be paid royalties, and a wage, however, that will begin after the Kickstarter/DevGrant obtains the necessary funds. Please contact me here to apply:

Here is the basic rundown of the RPG's story:

Please post any and all questions below thanks

This is a list of positions we hope to fill: 1) Senior Unreal Engine Developer (Unreal Knowledge needed) 2) Secondary Unreal Engine Developer (Unreal Knowledge needed) 3) 3D Character Artist (Unreal Knowledge not needed) 4) 3D Environment Artist (Unreal Knowledge not needed) 5) 3D Animator (Unreal Knowledge not needed) 6) 3D Animator #2 (Unreal Knowledge not needed)

The following is a basic schedule for the next 2-3 months: 1. Set up team, and establish basic development principals 2. Begin work on Kickstarter Animated Cinematic Teaser trailer (This is the reason most of the people up there^ are artists. We will be working on the teaser, while the programmers complete the next step) 3.[happens during teaser creation] The programmers will begin working on basic prerequisites within Unreal Engine. This includes: *Basic Character controls with character that can easily be swapped out. *Set up basic tests for rendering the large world, as well as the Frost. *Basic systems for things such as: (footprints in snow, attacking etc.)


A little about our company:

First off, no, we have not published a full game, however, I specifically, have many tests that could potentially turn into games. The real reason that our team is not very large is because there was an internal problem, and our team was convinced to leave by an individual who wanted them to work on his game. It was not a problem that needs any more light shed upon it. Do we have a website? Well, that is part of the problem I stated previously. We did, however, that person believed they had rights to the name/domain, and the rights were transferred from me, as they are still my friend, and they were also technically the founder of the studio.

I hope this helps interested someone. If you have any other questions, please post them below. Thank you for all of your time.

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