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Seeking work as Gameplay Designer and/or Effects Artist

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My previous experience has been exclusively with 3D shooters.
Gameplay Design
I have about 8 years of independent experience conceptualizing, designing, and balancing PvP weapon and vehicle mechanics. These works were on conversion mods using original content.
My design philosophies are best illustrated in my Guide to Balanced Gameplay Design.
Effects Art
I have about 7 years of independent experience creating visual effects, with a particular strength in particle effects and efficiency. A couple notable works include a resource-cheap means of simulating dynamic fluids with a decal system, and also a material-responsive dynamically propagating fire effect on a 16-year-old engine (this one not so cheap on resources due to engine limitations, but still a cool tech demo).
Example work available upon interest!
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Hi we are a team working on a mmorpg (AAA graphics) , would u like to join us? for more info e-mail me at

I'm sorry, but your team seems to mostly consist of strangers (like me), which makes me quite weary.


I'll pass, but wish you luck. =]

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