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Importing FBX file into Unity 5 from Anime Studio 12 Pro (Moho 12 Pro) issue

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I am having as issue exporting FBX files made in Moho 12 (Anime studio 12 Pro) to Unity 5. Please allow me to explain -

1. I created an animation in Moho 12 (a simple man dancing). At the beginning of the animation I offset his limbs and bones so one limb would not affect the other. 

2. Of course I put his limbs back together and did animation from frames 1 to 120. Everything is perfect from frames 1 to 120.

3. I exported the animation as an FBX file.

4. I imported thee FBX file to Unity 5.

My problem -

When I view the FBX file in Unity all his limbs and offset (i.e. his limbs are separated for the entire animation). 

Anyone ever experienced this problem in Unity 5? Any ideas of what can be done? Please note it looks fine in the preview before i exported.


I attached a picture of how the problem looks in Unity.

Thanks in advance.

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Unity's animation depends a lot on it's legacy -that it then somehow arranges by name- I think your problem is with the legacy as such import into Unity and assign in the engine.


There could be other problems, uploading the files will allow us to help you better.

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Hi  Scouting Ninja,


Thanks for your reply. I did forgot to mention one thing, I did the images in InkScape first (saved them as .PNGs)  then imported it to Moho 12 (Anime Studio) for animating. Am not to sure if that is important.  However I have attached the MOHO and FBX file. 


When i tried to upload the FBX and MOHO file the forum told me I could not upload that type of file.  Is there an email I can send it to so you can take a look?


Thanks for helping and taking a look mate.



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Hi I took a look and your problem is very simple.

Unity and Moho don't work on the same scale, so when you import the model into Unity it thinks the arms and legs are further away than they are.


To fix this, don't allow Unity to set the position of the limbs, add in a none deforming color bone and pelvis bones.

You will need to add a connected bone for the shadow, to keep it in place



It's normal when working with these kinds of art to have master bone near the feet to allow for jump and full body rotations around mass anchor point. You could use this  for the shadow.

Here I used Blender to make a quick visual example.(I don't have Moho at work), this is the kind of bone setup you want.



I recommend starting with some thing smaller and simpler, like a bat, to get the basics working.

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