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FBX vs PNG Image Sequences Question

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Good day I am using UNITY 5 and Moho 12 Pro to build a simple 2D android game. However I am having trouble exporting and importing my FBX file ifrom Moho to Unity 5. The files makes it to unity but it has too many deformations. So I decided to go back to the old school way of exporting and sequence of PNG images from Moho and importing it into Unity. However whats the advantage of using the FBX over the PNG Sequence Images? Will the ultimate size of my Android game be smaller ( in terms of MB) than if I use PNG Sequence Images? This is one of my main concerns as Andriod games for google play need to be 50MB or less. 

Can any list the pros and cons of FBX vs PNG Sequence Image?


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FBX is a vector format and PNG is a pixel format. FBX will be smaller in the long run, although the starting size is depends on the mesh.


You could have hundreds of animations with a 2 000 polygon mesh and the size will remain in the KB range. Although often you will still use images as textures with the mesh, that is why AAA games are so large, it's the images not the models.



Now it depends on how you are using Moho 12 on how efficient the art will be.

If you are using bones with a texture atlas with a quad for the body parts then yes even from the start the FBX is smaller. This is how Unity's new animation system is intended to work and is the most efficient in the terms of performance.


Using the bones with a complex mesh like the arm and leg as detailed meshes around the image will take a few animations before the FBX is smaller than a sprite sheet. This is efficient in terms of collisions and allows for mesh deformations.


Last is Moho's "smart warp" that is just Moho creating a mesh around the image and dividing it into triangles to allow the same kind of animations used in 3D. This is the most efficient in terms of animation but produces at times a mesh that could even prevent older mobile devices from running the game.


Images instead of vectors is a good choice when making Pixel style games, images also allow for effects while animating.

PNG is a good choice if you are unfamiliar with meshes, however I will advice learning how Moho's FBX options work; just not while making a game you are selling.

Unfortunately Unity has very little support for FBX and other vectors, it takes hours of back and forth for even experts to understand how Unity works.

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