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Contribute to "Interstellar: The Endless War" Space RTS

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In the distant future human kind has dispersed into the galaxy only to find the pressures of rampant planetary colonization were too much for Earth's citizens. Now Earth and the core worlds are destroyed by internal conflict, while strongmen, prophets, and villains invoke war to gain power for themselves amongst the stars. Build a fleet and wage war to protect your people, restoring peace to what's left of humanity.



  • RTS battle space, with 3D movement but 2D style control (ie StarCraft) for intense competition.
  • Multiplayer battles, earn XP for your crew and capture enemy ships.
  • Single player campaign telling the story of your struggle for survival in "The Endless War"
  • Build a fleet of ships that persist over time. ( 30-40 ships+ custom player ships )
  • Equip ships with weapons that strike at your enemies weakness. ( 50+ weapons )
  • Recruit officers and keep them alive so that their effectiveness grows over multiple battles.  
  • Control capital ships, fighter craft, and space stations.
  • Board and capture ships during battle.
  • Lead an invasion force and conquer an enemy planetary colony.
  • Game designed to reward for strategic and tactical skill over tenure or pay-to-win.
  • Use your experience to unlock new ships, weapons, troops, ship components.


Development Status:

  • Aim is to get a playable alpha on steam by late spring/early summer of 2017, with a focus on the single player battles.  Next step is then a kickstarter campaign and focus on multiplayer infrastructure

  • Current code base is C# and XML.

  • Battle game is functional (80% at least).  Fleets/characters are loading into battle and rudimentary AIs are working. 

  • Battle map importer (for modders and contributers) is functional (this allows modders to build/trade map using XML outside the game)

  • Custom fleet importer is functional  (this allows modders to build/trade fleets using XML outside the game)

  • Small craft mechanics functional (70%)

  • Capital ship mechanics are functional (85%)

  • Weapons and ammunition modular system is functional (90%) 

  • UI, ship inventories, officers, ship modules are functional (70%)


Things that are needed:

  • 3D modeling and Optimzing of textures.  Getting assets that are optimized for performance and still look good is a challenge.  While I am artistically inclined, I would rather focus my energy towards coding, infrastructure, and gameplay.  If anyone who is good with blender is interested, there is a role for you.  There are 100+ models that need to be built (weapons, ammo, ships, stations, environmental details, etc, etc).  
  • Multiplayer infrastructure.  I'm focusing on Single player to get to alpha launch, but the game is being designed with multiplayer in mind.  Goal is to create the best (and only) fast/competitive multiplayer RTS set in space.
  • UI art assets (human portraits, object model pics, tech pics, various iconography)  Anyone with experience creating optimized UI assets that look good would be a godsend.
  • Complete overhaul of the UI infrastructure.  The game was started pre-new Unity UI and so the UI needs to be overhauled to take advantage of the new UI to the best of it's ability, while optimizing framerate
  • Voice SFx queues and storytelling 
  • Overhaul of all sound SFx currently in the game and a better unified approach to sound/voice/music assets
  • Website design and social media campaign person.  Goal is to get Greenlit and selling alpha preview copies by late May, and then kickstarter by mid summer.  Kickstarter will be used to further polish assets and add Multiplayer and a Single player campaign with cutscenes.




If you are interested, check out my unity forum page, and please contact me here or there or anywhere!





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