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MMO based on WWII

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Hi everyone,


                       i have a dream, but i not really have talent about modelling and script. So i want to share with you what i have in my head about what i want to saw in the future... and may be someone will be interest about making it.



At the base, one game exist about WWII and be a MMO. Battleground Europe. But i think this game is outdated and with new technologie on this day, we can see something more complete.



I eat everything about WWII and to see one day a game like :


- Reprensent all country was on this war, not only the main one.

- Saw real unit with real marking during this war.

- Saw more than just infantry, tank and airplane... mean see medic, see signals guy, see supply, see gunners, etc

- Have a huge map kind of Battleground Europe but with more details

- Have real frontline, not only base on a city with capture a flag.

- Able to make defensive store

- Be educatif, mean, learn to really operate a tank, an arty gun, to maing first aid... etc

- etc.....


I can really explain everything now.... just main line, but i someone look its makeable. I can explain more

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Hi my name is Jack, and like you I love world war 2 I would definitely be interested in joining your team you can contact me at jackbeauchamp@shaw.ca. p.s I am a unity c# programmer

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