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How to pass LOD blend factors to vertex shader for CLOD in a voxel terrain?

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[!EDIT!: I should've written this question as "How to ensure matching LOD blend factors on chunk faces in a voxel terrain?"



I'm trying to adapt "Continuous Distance-Dependent Level of Detail for Rendering Heightmaps (CDLOD)" by Filip Strugar to voxel terrain.

In the paper above, geomorphing is used to solve two problems:

1) Eliminating cracks between chunks of different LODs;

2) Achieving smooth, continuous LOD transitions.


For this to work, LOD morph/blend factors of vertices on "touching" boundary faces from adjacent chunks must coincide.

E.g., I know that some particular octree node is touching a twice bigger node on PosX face, so for this smaller node all vertices on PosX face must have their LOD blend factors set to 1.0f (i.e. fully morph to parent vertex). At the same time, to prevent cracks NegX-vertices of the bigger node must have LOD blend factors equal to zero.


How to ensure in the vertex shader that blend factors of touching, boundary vertices concide between chunks?

In the vertex shader, dynamically computed LOD blend factors must be set to their corresponding BoundaryFace_LOD_Factor?

Do I need to associate each boundary vertex with the cube face on which the vertex lies?

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