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Looking for a 2D artist to overhaul small, completed game

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Hey folks,

What if you could control public opinion? What if you could start a riot? How would your city, your family, your life change?
This is the premise of a free, experimental story-driven game prototype I finished. I have been reluctant to release and advertise fully due to the comments about the art style. Several responders told me they did not even take a look at the game past the first screen-shot or two. Needless to say, releasing a prototype to see if it has potential to develop further is counter-productive if no one even looks at it.

Click for: Trailer | Official Page | Online Playable Build




Since it's a free web game to test out the concept, it would be unpaid. Yes I hate doing that (having wasted 2 years doing unpaid film work myself), but my friends were suggesting I get over my ego and reach out regardless. But I also won't give you any bs promises of building your portfolio or future success. Statistically, odds are it will fail. That's just pure math.

I know I suck terribly at art, and the free assets seem to be doing more harm than good. I already invested 4 months in this project and would love to develop it further, perhaps take my chances on Steam Greenlight or turn into a commercial game. But, from my past experiences, I can't risk investing more in my games without garnering some positive interest first. I was just going to release what I have, but after what I heard so far, I'd feel more confident if I knew the art was not the thing holding it back.
I just want to be honest and upfront. If anyone is intrigued by the idea, has some free time, and would wish to contribute their awesome skills, I'd be grateful. If not, I won't blame you either. 

About Me:

I am a Polish-American, Game Dev and web consultant. I published two titles so far ("Postmortem: one must die" and "Karaski"), and I am currently switching gears by working on small, browser-based experimental projects to test out ideas. Aside from code, I used to be a cinematographer in Los Angeles, I survived the harsh winters growing up in Poland, I had the worst hangover of my life in Japan, I (almost) stole a sheep in North Ireland, and I learned to haggle like a pro in India.

Clicky for My website

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Just wanted to bump this, still looking for help! In the meantime, here's some art mockups I've been doing recently if I were to go with vector art:



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