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Game Idea

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Hello readers, basically I'm just here to put out an idea (inspired by different games).


Basically it's about an Isometric Multiplayer RPG, where teams play gainst eachother with customizable characters. (1 character/player)

The main aspect of the game is supposed to lie in its character customzation. The point is that the character looks however the owner wants (within the given possibilities) without affecting the character's stats.

I might write more about the cusomization later and focus on how the gameplay is supposed to work for now.


Players are only able to select 1 given action once it is their turn to play. An action can be executed whenever the action gauge is filled, meaning that there's no specific order in player turns. Depending on the selcted action, the action gauge will fill up faster or slower afterwards. The goal will be to complete the respective game mode's objective.

The actions of which a player can chose are :

6 normal attacks: Attacks that will affect "Spirit"

3 HP attacks: Attacks that will affect "Existence"

Movement: Change character location (Gauge refills 25% faster)

Guard: (Don't know if reduce or negate damage) Enter guarding stance until the gauge is refilled. Certain attacks can break guard, freezing the action gauge for a short moment. Dodge: Dodge an incoming attack upon selection. If the dodge is successful the Action gauge refills instantly. Upon failing to dodge an attack the gauge refills normally. Transform: Release the characters full power and gain bonus stats.

Negation: Instantly cancels the attack that is currently hitting the player, and negates all current negative status effects. (2 charges that fill up with the time.)


A character has several stats, which can be increased by using the stat points gained through level ups and the use of non visual items, that can also hold certain effects. Existence: This games HP

Spirit: Is a value, that represents the damage you will inflict to the target the next time you hit with an Existence attack.

Strength: represents the characters value concerning the scaling of normal (Spirit) attacks. Normal attacks affect the targets Spirit value and add the opponent's removed value to your own.

Defense: Works to counter the strength value.

Speed: Represents the speed with which a character changes his position while moving and the speed at which the action gauge refills.

Critical: Increases critical hit chance aswell as critical hit multipliers. The critical value only affects Spirit attacks. (Except for "Fading Status" : Will explain later)

In most games, characters have set roles. In this game roles are made by the selection of your stats and abilities.


By finishing games, players can earn experience, in-game currency (for new clothes) and train their skills (attacks).

Attacks have to be used to level them up and make them stronger as well as to unlock newer attacks. Skills are divided in melee and magical attacks of different types with different effects.

So, this is mainly what the idea is about. Of course this is just a part of the whole thing and I still have more information that completes probably all questions that are left (as for the whole idea) in a word document I made a while ago. If anyone's interested, just PM me with your mail and I'll send it.

If people want to discuss this idea here, I wouldn't mind that either.

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Hi Xelthas


The way I understand this idea?


The core gameplay is turn-based stg(individual turn for each character is still turn-based).

Don't really know why it is multiplayer and isometric but hey.

The spirit/existence attack thing is really confusing.

I tried to clarify your idea and bring it to its simplest form, and this is what I got:


Characters have HP(Existence).

Characters atk(Existence Atk) each others to bring down HP.

There is a stat for the dmg of atk(Spirit), I'm just gonna call it dmg.

Characters can also steal(Normal Atk) others dmg.

Everything else is rather extra.


In one sentence: you steal dmg to do more dmg to others hp.


The concept of stealing dmg of others is kinda cool, but I have a feeling that the stratege structure itself is somewhat a bit hollow.

Maybe you wanna develop a bit more and dig a little bit deeper into the concept before giving them cool names and different types and stuff?

I'm afraid that having many stats, customization options and attack types won't help much.


P.S. Still don't see why it has to be multiplayer and what's so isometric about it based on the structure.




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