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Audio-Driven PSVR game - Feedback request

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Hello all,


I'm currently studying for a masters degree in games development, with a specialism in audio. 


During my first semester I worked as part of a team to produce a short PlayStation VR game for which I provided all sound and music as well as handling all audio implementation. Due to the nature of the game, sound played a major role in the player experience.


I am from more of a music and film sound background with this being one of the larger big game projects I have completed. 


I am looking to move into the games industry upon completion of my masters, therefore I am looking for as much feedback and/or critique as possible.  If anyone has a few minutes minutes to take a look and leave a comment it would be much appreciated!!


Here is a brief description of the game, followed by a link to a video, showing some of the game:


The player plays as a blind woman named Emma, who suffers from paranoia, and is accompanied by her dog Samuel.
As the character is blind, she sees by interpreting audio sources into visuals. Therefore in the game, all audio sources emit light and become visible to the player.
Emma encounters a variety of audio events, some peaceful and some startling. Several of the events will trigger her paranoia, sending her into a state of panic.







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This is insanely cool! I can't quite understand why this doesn't have people commenting on it. The interesting thing about this approach to VR is that most people associate VR with reliable visual perception, but by taking that away you're actually doing something pretty innovative.


As a fellow audiophile I love seeing more game mechanics constructed around audio. I really look forward to seeing what you come up with from here onwards!

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