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[GET IT FREE] Dark Dash ~The Ultimate Arcade Game~ [ANDROID and soon IOS]

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Dark Dash is the latest and ultimate arcade game for mobile devices. Hold the screen to fly up and let go to keep a good balance, fly through and time your reactions well by avoiding several obstacles whether its a spinning cross of death or a ring of fire. No one said it was going to be easy, Dark Dash is  real challenge for thrill seekers and is pretty hard.
The game is currently out for android early - [Work in progress]
Download [ANDROID]
Download [iPHONE]
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Give yourself a challenge and a break with other game-modes
Classic Mode:
Hold the screen and fly upwards and balance to avoid several deadly obstacles, Classic and original style of play.
Reverse Mode:
Uh oh! The game is flipped upside down. Lets see how well you fair with gravity on the ceiling, same style of play except gravity and the sky is reversed.
Timer Mode:
If you're a real champion and king of classic mode, see how well you can play with a timer. Its race against time and the obstacles aren't going to slow down for you, Now that's a real challenge!
Inverse Mode:
Don't panic you're brain is fine but the game isn't! The controls are reversed, hold to stop and fall and let go to fly up and progress. Not for the faint of heart!
All points you collect accumulate and total up. In the shop you are able to purchase skins to customize the player and show off skill. The skins are ranked in terms of price, the higher the better looking.
Dark Dash is a work in progress, Updates coming soon.

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